Rene Langdahl Jørgensen

Curriculum Vitae

Born 1972


Candidatus Magisterii in modern European History                  (1993-2000)  thesis 2000 at University of Odense


Professional wine career:

Freelance wine writer for Danish magazine Vinbladet              1993-2003

Wine writer in student magazine Gyden at University of Odense (SDU)       1995-1996

Assistant and consultant at retail wineshop Vinens Verden, Odense             1997-2003

Wine lecturer at wine courses at Vinens Verden, Odense                   2000-2003

Marketing coordinator, purchase assistant and press responsible

At importers Østjysk Vinforsyning                                     2003-2005

Wine writer for wine & food magazine gastro                             2005-

Freelance lecturer on wine                                     2005-

Consultant, lecturer, developer of wine and food courses at 

Culinary Institute of Denmark                                            2005-2007

Consultant, lecturer, developer of wine and food courses at

Food College Denmark and Center for Food Science, 

Design & Experience, Aalborg University                                    2007-

Restaurant reviewer at newspaper JyllandsPosten                   2006-2009

Member and judge at Union of Danish Restaurant Reviewers                        2006-

Chairman of Union of Danish Restaurant Reviewers                2010-

Member and judge at Roussillon Dessert Trophy                                  2006-

Studying at Institute of Masters of Wine, stage 2 (theory passed)      2014-

Wine editor at gastro magazine                                        2013-

Project coordinator at Nordsøen Forskerpark/Research Center         2015-2022

Coordinator/speaker of chef’s competitions: Aarets Sild and Local Cooking

Independent lecturer, writer, podcaster                           2022-


Other relevant info

Lived in Firenze ½ year in 1997 while studying at Università degli Studi di Firenze


Info on book

Title: The Winemakers of Tuscany

A high end book on the very best of Tuscany’s wine producers focusing on in depth portraits of families, winemakers and the house style and philosophy. The book will The Danes love Italian wine and travel a lot in Tuscany. Tuscany is by far the most highly profiled area in Italy among the Danish wine interested public. THE BOOK about Tuscany has not been written yet, but this is it! My opus will focus on the producers. At the end of the day the quality is defined by the producer. In Tuscany we have a lot of old families with an important history but there is also a lot of newcomers taking advantage of the areas potential. The main part of the book is a chapter with interviews, description of wine styles, wine reviews on the newest vintages and a description of older vintages/house style. This chapter will be subjective and contain a highly personal view on things. The book will also have classical chapters on grape varieties, soil and climate and very important recent developments in quality, style etc. in main areas like Chianti, Montalcino and Bolgheri.

The publisher is Politikens Forlag (among top 3 in Denmark regarding issues, publications and economy)

The photographer is René Riis – one of Denmarks very best wine & food photographers


Info on gastro magazine:

High-end wine & food magazine, published by Egmont. Aimed at enthusiasts. Readers approx. 70.000. 10 issues annually.