Louise Beck Brønnum

Louise Beck Brønnum 

Email: louise.beck02@gmail.com 
Phone: +45 22 27 58 54

Date of Birth: January the 2nd 1990;  Nationality: Danish


University of Copenhagen                                                                         2014-16

  • MSc. Food Innovation and Health
  • Electives: Chemometrics, Cool climate Viticulture  Thesis: Tempe, Introducing Tempe to Danish market 

Boston University                                                                                         2015

●    Exchange semester at the department of Gastronomy 

●    Electives: Culinary art LAB, Introduction to Gastronomy, Wine course, Hip Hop, Marathon Training                                                                     

University of Copenhagen                                                                         2010-14

●    BSc. Food Science and Technology/ engineer, including half a year internship at Danish Crown.

●    Electives: Human physiology, doing entrepreneurship in the food sector (DTU), Food and society  Thesis: Microbiology aspects of Gooseberry vinegar production. 


Food science and Product development                                                                                

●      Kost Kbh, co-owner  Head of product development & gastrophysics  (2019-)

●      Smag for Livet, part time  Research assistant, Coordination between HRS & KU (2019-2021)

●      Alchemist Taste Lab, full time  Head of Taste Lab, creating, building & opening Alchemist (2018-2019)

●      Nordic Food Lab, full time  Research assistant, project coordinator, and writtings for Smag for livet (2017-2018)

●      Wiik and Co, Part-time  Performing qualitative control and risk analyses of engross products (2015)

●      UCC Teachers training college, Part-time  Teaching Home economics for teacher students (2014)

Food events and Marketing                                                                                                         

●    Food events and workshops  Responsible for creating and executing workshops for kids and adults including (Heartland; farver i mad, 2019  Copenhagen Cooking; pølseworkshop, 2019  Techfestival; foodtech summit, 2019  Jomfruhummerfestival; commentator for the audience, 2012-)

●    Food expert in the Danish Radio (DR) program “smagen af Danmark” season 1 & 2 

●    FAMO A/S, consultant  Responsible for PR and creating dinner events (2015-16)

●    Gastronomisk Innovation, assistant  Coordinating and communicating with chefs (2013-14)

●    Danish Crown, consultant  Responsible and organising DC participation on FOOD Festival (2013)

●    Madkulturen, consultant   Assisting and hosting food events such as Spejdernes lejr 2012 (2011-2013) 


Organisation and Start-ups:                           

  • La cena Inolvidable, Co-founder and chef  Start-up of a POP-up dining experience in Chile (2016-2017)
  • Gastronomic Playground, founder and manager  Organization for Food science students (2012-2015)

Funded projects:

  • Idea, development, and project management of the food science in school project NatMad (financed by Novo Nordisk Foundation 2022-2024)
  • Idea, development and project management of the regional food project EGN Lolland-Falster (Financed by Nordea foundation 2020-2023)
  • Idea and development of the project MadMagi at restaurant Alchemist ( Financed by Novo Nordisk foundation 2019-2021)



  • Own; Sæson, Køkkenfest, Dåseskjul
  • Contributed: Blæksprutterne kommer, spis dem! Mums kærlighed – til sidste bid.
  • Consultant; American Cookbook, Ambasadørens køkken mfl.

Freelance Articles: 

  • Gastro magasin; Blækspruttejagt på Sardinien, Hongkongs gadekøkken og verdenskøkken, Tip Top Tapas i Barcelona mlf. 
  • Smag og behag; Brunt i Brunt, Emulsion er hemmeligheden bag en god mayo, At smage med næsen, Den mikroskopiske fest som skaber mirakler. 

Peer reviewed Articles: 

  • “To Meat or not to Meat” (2020)
  • “Holistic Cuisine - A focus beyond the plate” (2019)
  • “Squids of the North - Gastronomy and gastrophysics of Danish squid” (2018)
  • “Spise blæksprutter – er du mør” (2018)
  • “Re-contextualising a novel product. Based on: Initial consideration introducing tempe in Denmark” (2017)

Teaching materials as primary author:

  • Pep grønt køkkenet up – med bælgfrugter (smag for livet)
  • Ekstraktion (smag for livet)
  • Gastrofysik i Madkundskab (Gyldendal)
  • Mejeri til Madkundskab (Gyldendal)